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Jones Sunday Dinners

The original JSD event. How it all started. 8 people in a backyard enjoying a good meal. It has now grown into an exciting series Jones Sunday Dinners of summer dining events for 18-20 people, hosted in our backyard. Each dinner has a different theme and includes five extravagant family style courses.  Check back in February for the JSD 2023 schedule and tickets!


JSD Season 2023

June 4: New Kitchen...Who Dis?

June 11: Viral Recipes

June 25: Brunch!

July 9: Seafood

July 22 (SATURDAY): Tour de France 1

July 23: Tour de France 2

August 6: Vegetarian (Brian's Kryptonite)

August 20: Trivia Night

September 10: School Lunch

September 24: Greatest Hits

October 7 (SATURDAY): Fall Fest 1

October 8: Fall Fest 2

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